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British Columbia Fishing License

A fishing license is one of the most important requirements that people must obtain before they can go on a fishing trip in British Columbia. There are a few essential things to remember regarding this type of documentation.

People must always have their licenses while fishing. They must be able to show it when they are inspected by a fishery officer, a conservation officer, an RCMP representative, an officer working under the Canadian Wildlife Act, or a park ranger. In an event wherein a person loses, misplaces, or accidentally destroys his license, he needs to get a replacement before he can fish again.

Furthermore, saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing require separate licenses. Individuals must acquire an authentic freshwater fishing license before they can catch any species from non-tidal areas. They must also obtain the appropriate additional stamps and licenses for specific species and bodies of water. In terms of the length of validity, freshwater licenses come in types ranging from one-day, eight-day, to annual types. Individuals can buy a license from most tackle shops, sporting goods shops, resorts and lodges, service stations, access centers, and selected department stores. They can also get their freshwater licenses via mail after filling up and submitting the application form available on the website of the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection.

On the other hand, saltwater fishing licenses are required to those who want to net, spear fish, or catch any type of shellfish or finfish. This type of license can be valid for one day, three days, five days, or for one year. Saltwater fishing licenses can be acquired online; furthermore, they can also be purchased from the same establishments where freshwater licenses are available.