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British Columbia Fishing

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British Columbia Fishing Regulations

Similar to other provinces in Canada, fishing regulations have been established in British Columbia to ensure that all forms of aquatic life are protected.

The first British Columbia fishing regulation involves the catching limit for each type of fish. To maintain the wealth of fishing opportunities now and in the future, the provincial government of British Columbia sets catch and keep limits for every species. Consequently, individuals that are going on a fishing trip must know the limit for every type of shellfish and finfish in the specific area they plan to fish in.

The second most important regulation concerns the acquisition of fishing licenses. Individuals must obtain a license before they can catch any type of fish in British Columbia. Fishing licenses can be purchased from more than 700 vendors, including sporting goods shops, lodges and resorts, marinas, service stations, charter boat operators, and selected department stores.

Aside from these two major rules, there are other more specific yet equally important BC fishing regulations. They are as follows: Individuals must get a salmon conservation stamp in order for them to keep salmon. The daily total limit for all kinds of salmon in non-tidal and tidal areas is 4. In addition, those who are planning to catch this type of fish must use barbless hooks only.

Lastly, there are also regulations with regard to how fish is packed and transported. People who will not transport their fish whole must pack them so that the actual species will be quickly classified, quantified, and measured. If a limit for the maximum size is applicable, the head and the tail have to remain attached.